La logistica nello spazio

La logistica spaziale vede protagonista anche un’azienda italiana, la comasca (Fino Mornasco) D-Orbit con la soluzione InOrbit NOW.
Nello specifico ION Satellite Carrier è il satellite cargo sviluppato dall’azienda in collaborazione con DHL Global Forwarding.

Il satellite cargo verrà spedito a gennaio da Cape Canaveral (Florida).

“With the advent of satellite constellations and habitable bases, space logistics is an emerging niche within the industry. While the core of logistics remains the same, whether in space or on Earth, more stringent constraints and extreme conditions challenge the safe transport, storage, and delivery of materials and products beyond Earth’s atmosphere and back,” says Mario Zini, CEO of DHL Global Forwarding Italy.
“We are proud to support our partner D-Orbit with this critical mission, as we believe that space logistics will witness great expansion over the next few years, which we also highlighted for the first time in the latest edition of the DHL Logistics Trend Radar. There are enormous opportunities on the horizon for service providers in this sector. We firmly believe in the possibility of developing cuttingedge and sustainable solutions, especially for the transportation and storage of the future.”